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From playing in bands as a teenager, releasing his own music and producing for other artists, producer Will Lane AKA Philosophy has only just begun his journey.


His debut EP in collaboration with rapper and producer Jack Light - ‘Demons EP' showcases the range of material he’s capable of producing, effortlessly blending from garage, hip-hop and drum and bass. Making a name for themselves locally with various gigs and activities in Kent, Philosophy quickly illustrated his prowess behind the decks, with his sets being as eclectic and tasteful as his productions. 

Whilst studying Music Technology at university, Philosophy took time in the studio to hone his production skills and work with an extensive range of musicians and artists to improve himself and his style. This includes working with bands, classical ensembles, pianists, vocalists and many other various musical styles and groups. This range of tastes and experiences has helped inform his own production and take an interesting approach to drum and bass, hip-hop and many other styles.

With the ‘Demons Sessions’ running every Thursday at 8 on Facebook Live, you can see for yourself the energy and genre-blending that sets him apart from other DJs and producers. With numerous releases and other activities planned for the future, Philosophy is sharply rising in experience and expertise, and with that comes even better sets and even better music.

  • SoundCloud - Black Circle
  • Facebook - Black Circle
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